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An aroma nasal inhaler can be individually produced for you with an aroma of your choice or a blend using appropriate essential oils to support your health care needs.

Nasal inhaler

The nasal route (inhalation) gives rapid absorption of the essential oils which may be useful when a quick response is required in many situations. 

For example aiding with relaxation, anxiety, stress, low mood, distress, nausea, nervous situations, sinus relief, congestion, smell training following colds, flus & Covid 19 and other individual symptoms / needs.

Following an individual consultation which can be completed via telephone or zoom call, your personal aroma nasal inhaler will be specially formulated with carefully selected essential oils to ensure the most beneficial oil or blend of oils are used to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Only 100% essential oils are used.

Patients / clients like using these because they are

  • Small
  • Portable
  • You can control when and how often they use it
  • handy to use at home or take with you wherever you go

Aroma Nasal Inhaler

  • single essential oil or
  • synergistic blend

Individually created for you to aid your general health and well-being.